Explain Everything – explained!

With a fresh new feel and layout we thought we’d explain just why we love Explain Everything!

Explain Everything is a screen casting and interactive whiteboard app which knows no age limits or subject content areas. You can narrate, annotate, import and export almost anything in your camera roll, Dropbox file, Google Drive – put it this way, you got it, you can insert it into your project. 

The overload of buttons may seem daunting at first, but let us reassure you, if our 6 year olds have mastered this app, so can you. Remember to be selective, use the buttons you need. We mostly use zoom, record, pen tool and text. 

Here are some ways in which you could use this app:

  • Procedural writing. Students upload a picture of the process on each slide and then use the draw and laser tools to explain the process.
  • Create videos of posters or diagrams complete with student explanations and annotations.
  • Have students explain concepts to show their understanding of different topics and use these as your teacher videos to use with the students. Peer learning – yes please!
  • Flip you classroom and leave the explaining up to the app. Record yourself explaining activities or concepts for students to watch either at home or in the classroom.

The Explain Everything website has a wealth of resources when learning how to navigate this app. Here are a few to get you started:

What is Explain Everything?

How to insert images, documents and videos ready for annotating

Using the pen tool and inserting text

Our favourite part of this app is the ability for students to record their own voice and share their work as a video. Especially when working in the early years, where writing down their thoughts does not yet come naturally to the students, the ability to be able to record their thought processes is invaluable. They can then save the video to the camera roll, Dropbox folder, upload it to the blog or ‘Open in another app’ for some first class app smashing!


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